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The Non-profit Zbigz premium account sharing community. Easiest way to download torrent faster,Cheap ,Safe and secure despite your ISP's Restrictions.

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How It All works ?

We work on similar model on which zbigz downloading works but in our case its for getting funds arranged to buy accounts. All our accounts are funded by our members, They care about their accounts like their own Accounts because they actually paid for it, that's why we never had any incident of password change till yet.

Inside Each Pool

All Members are Independent and a sub-group inside our whole community.

Each Pool Features


All users in any pool are anonymous to each Other.

All members locations

All members are from different part of globe and timezone to minimize traffic.

No File Deleting

No User deletes other users files, Only moderators have permission to delete any file.

Live streaming

Unlimited Live streamming is allowed via each user

Single Person usage only*

Only one person can use his account on our system, No other person is allowed

Intra Pool Chat

Members can chat or leave message for other members within pool, without disclosing their identity

No Sign Out Problem

Due to low traffic, usually no two users uses account at sametime

Unlimited File Storage Size

Each user can download as many files as he like

No Network or ISP restrictions

Download torrents file desipte ISP restrictions via a safe and secure mode.

Unlimited Simultaneous Downloads

Create mutiple connections to get files faster to you

How do we give so much discount?

Pay Now you will ask how do we give 82% discount on the original price of the ZbigZ Offical Packs to each user.

For Each Account:

Each user pays 18% price only.

So 6 User Pays : 6*18 = 108%

How we use this money:
For buying Account: 80% (20% discount we get from reseller)
For Site Maintenance : 10%
For Negotiation: 18% + Money left from Site Maintance

Note: Money from one Pool is not carried forward to other pool for negotitions. So Margin for negotiation varies from Time to Time. Its First come First Serve policy.

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We are available to you 24*7,So you can get in touch with us whenever you feel like, If you have any doubt then we will be happy to clear all your doubt any time.

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